with cannabis

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. If you observe any unfavorable reaction, discontinue use. Keep out of the reach of children.


  • It lowers blood pressure in addition to its analgesic effect, relieving pain.


  • It has been shown to increase the elasticity of the veins and the resistance of the capillaries, and to produce a certain decrease in the permeability of the blood vessels. It has been revealed as a valid support for the treatment of disorders due to venous insufficiency and poor blood circulation, to which it adds its clear astringent and hemostatic action. It is intended to relieve varicose vein problems, phlebitis, edema and hemorrhoids.

  • It promotes circulation and venous return, and has been shown to alleviate the various symptoms of venous insufficiency, such as numbness in the fingers and hands, tingling, cramps, and the feeling of heavy legs.

  • Effective in the treatment of erythema or redness of the skin due to dilation of blood vessels, often caused by allergic processes, bacterial infections, sunburn or persistent dermatitis.

  • It has a restorative and anti-inflammatory power on skin damaged in wounds, cuts, scalds and sunburns due to excessive exposure to UVA rays. Improves hydration of the horny or outer layer of the epidermis and favors cell restoration.

  • It fights inflammation caused by insect bites and prevents possible infection.

  • It behaves as a cleanser and detoxifier. It is intended to promote the elimination of impurities from the skin, such as pimples, juvenile acne, blackheads, boils, etc.